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SAWEF Paradigm Shifter Series – Paper 1 Acid Mine Drainage

Debunking Persistent Myths about AMD in the Quest for a Sustainable Solution



The AMD debate has raged on for a decade now, often manifesting as a series of messy public spats in which attempts have been made to apportion blame and seek redress by well-meaning activists. Central to this debate have been images of chaos, often perpetuated by the media, which include the notion of buildings that are likely to collapse[1] and the city of Johannesburg being in grave peril[2]. Significantly, despite a concerted effort by environmental and social justice activists, all attempts at the apportionment of liability have largely been rejected by the regulator through a protracted legal process. While the status quo has prevailed to the frustration of government, the mining industry and the enlightened public, this decade of contestation has also prevented viable technical solutions from being developed and implemented. It can safely be assumed that a general loss of confidence has resulted – in the government as an arbiter, in the industry as a responsible corporate citizen, in Gauteng as a region of future developmental potential, and in the economy as a safe place to invest foreign capital and create jobs – making us all collectively less well off. This is a classic lose-lose outcome, so how can we turn this into a win-win solution instead?

[1] Tempelhoff, E. 2007(a).

[2] Segar, S. 2013(a).

Press Release No Embargo Thursday 31 July 2013

Professor Kader Asmal and Dr Heinrich Badenhorst scoop inaugural SAWEF Awards

Nedbank SAWEF Scholarship

Photo credits: Nedbank SAWEF Scholarship from left to right: Dr Heinrich Badenhorst, Mr Mike Brown (CEO, Nedbank), Deputy Minister of Water Affairs Rejoice Mabudafhasi, Mr Anthony Turton

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Deputy Minister’s Speech – SAWEF 2013

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SAWEF Press Release No Embargo – 4 July 2013

The South African Water, Energy & Food Forum announces Youth Ambassador to carry nexus message to future leaders

A Parktown Girls grade 12 pupil, Johara Naidoo, one of Generation Earth’s promising young leaders and member of its water steering committee, has been chosen as the South African Water, Energy & Food Forum’s Youth Ambassador for the 2013/14 year. She will be formally inducted at the upcoming SA Water, Energy & Food Forum hosted at Montecasino on July 30th.

As SAWEF Youth Ambassador Johara will carry a clear message to the Youth of South Africa: Read more →

South African Acid Mine Drainage placed on Global Agenda at The Hague

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Thursday 21 March 2013

South African Acid Mine Drainage placed on Global Agenda at The Hague 

A three day workshop hosted by UNESCO and funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) reached a climax today at The Hague with a round table engagement between selected leaders from the private sector. The topic under discussion was the role of the private sector in improving the governance of ground water as part of the International Year of Water Cooperation launched by the UN on World Water Day.

The issue of acid mine drainage (AMD) was put on the global agenda by Anthony Turton in his capacity as Trustee of the Water Stewardship Council of Southern Africa and the South African Water and Energy Forum (SAWEF). Read more →

South African Forum shows strong potential of Nexus approach for promoting national dialogue

An interview with Margaret Catley-Carlson, Vice Chair, Canadian Water Network and Member of the Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB)

On 19 April 2012, the “South African Water, Energy and Food Forum” ended in the Sandton Convention Centre in South Africa. The two day meeting encompassed the entire triangle of the Nexus: several farmers and agricultural groups, the National Energy Commission and several non-traditional energy stakeholders, several mining companies and many water experts and companies attended, as well as very senior officials from Treasury and Finance.

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A South African’s perspective on the outcomes of the South African Nexus Conference

The South African Water, Energy and Food forum could not have come at a more opportune time. COP17 has come and gone and with the new year in full swing, many remain doubtful about whether or not all the hype has left us with a successful outcome to the complicated international climate change negotiations process; and about what the outcomes to this process mean for business. — by Aimée Girdwood

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