Gleason Publications

Gleason Publications (Pty) Ltd (GP) was established in 1996 and in October 1998, GP was converted into a media operating company.

gleasonThe company launched its first magazine, DealMakers, in 2000. DealMakers is a quarterly publication that is intensely focused on South Africa’s corporate finance sector – it tracks and examines all the Merger & Acquisition activity conducted by public listed companies, together with all other aspects of listed company changes that fall under the generic heading of General Corporate Finance. These include matters such as financial restructuring, new listings, delistings, bond issues and the like.
To enhance the quantum of information delivered in DealMakers, efforts are being made to expand its reach to cover M&A by unlisted companies and more specifically those deals intended to advance black economic empowerment.

DealMakers Online was borne out of the vast research work that is undertaken by DealMakers. DealMakers Online tracks the M&A market for you. It covers all JSE listed companies deals and general corporate finance transactions as well as unlisted transactions dating back to 2000. DealMakers Online is the most complete M&A resource in South Africa.

Catalyst, South Africa’s first private equity and venture capital magazine was launched in 2005. It is presently carried every quarter as a “run-of-book” addition to DealMakers.

GP launched its second magazine, without prejudice, in October 2001. This magazine, which first appeared in tabloid form and is a monthly publication, records, analyses and comments on all corporate law matters. It does not, however, consider itself limited to this and frequently carries articles on issues of concern and interest to a wide spectrum – these include tax, labour, family law and criminal law. Its format was changed to magazine style in February 2004.

without prejudice is sponsored by eleven “magic circle” corporate law firms. Nevertheless, its editorial integrity and independence is fiercely protected. An Editorial Advisory Board meets quarterly.

without prejudice has extended its reach steadily and is targeted at South Africa’s substantial base of attorneys (there are about 14 000 of them), at the CEs and CFOs of many commercial enterprises, at a wide variety of public accountants, and at interested private individuals.

Gleason Publications also offers outsourced design and layout through the Gleason Design Studio. Current clients include the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA) and St Stithians.

Finally, Gleason Publications has also hosted a number of major conferences.

Further new ventures concentrated in the information and knowledge-transfer areas are being considered.


Touchstone Resources

touchstone_logo TransparentTouchStone Resources (Pty) Ltd is engaged in developing New Energy and New Water resources in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) area and beyond.

In terms of managing risk in order to deliver optimal shareholder value we have two distinct areas of interest, each with their own risk profile and potential returns. These are:

The creation of New Water at three different levels of scale:

Big Water is about strategic storage in a region with high evaporative losses that limit the utility of dams. Our focus is thus on alternative storage in groundwater aquifer systems, or in old mine voids. This generates New Water by reducing the existing massive losses to evaporation.

Medium Water is about treating effluent, either from sewage works or from Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) effluent streams, and rendering this water suitable for industrial purposes. .

Small Water is about bringing affordable and safe water treatment processes to the individual consumer, where service delivery is failing or is under stress.

The creation of New Energy at two different levels of scale:

Big Energy is exploring for active geothermal energy sources in the SADC Region. The Geothermal process uses the earth as a source of energy and involves a number of different technologies such as binary, flash steam and hot water.

Small Energy is about the introduction of passive geothermal technologies into the SADC region. These technologies rely on energy as a flux and uses the earth as a sink. The re-use of this stored energy makes the use of existing electricity far more efficient.

The TouchStone Resources business model is an attractive combination of exploration for New Energy sources with its high reward; and an income generating potential in the optimisation of water care products and services by developing New Water. The business model provides a blend of risk strategies that offer shareholders a balanced return on investment with the blue sky potential of a significant geothermal source discovery.