The South African Water, Energy & Food Forum (SAWEF), co-founded by Gleason Publications and Touchstone Resources, and South Africa’s leading green bank, Nedbank, are excited to present the inaugural Nedbank SAWEF Scholarship for Water-Energy-Food Nexus research.

Nedbank is providing a R150 000 financial underpin to fund the Scholarship.
The Scholarship is designed specifically to support the winning applicants’ further research into the nexus challenges posed by an increasingly resource constrained globe and country.

The eventual winner will be expected to return to South Africa armed with knowledge and experience gained from a period of study at one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary universities and utilise that experience in addressing the country’s resource challenges.

Winning the Scholarship will form an important milestone in the professional progression of the chosen applicant. It will open access to global thinking on the nexus challenges and that thinking will, in turn, provide new opportunities and scope for the applicant’s development within South Africa.

This competition is open to all professionals working in the water, energy and agriculture sectors of South Africa but is restricted to South African citizens only.

Why the nexus?

Our world is vastly more interconnected and interdependent than at any other time in history. South Africa needs scholars who are multidisciplinary in their approach in order to confront the challenges of this new world. Such scholars will gain an advantage in securing research grants, consultancy roles and be at the forefront of new thinking in the 21st century.

Nowhere is this nexus of interconnectedness more evident than in the water, energy and food security sectors. These three sectors – water security, energy security and food security – are inextricably linked, and actions in one area more often than not have impacts in one or both of the others.

These linkages have always been present, but as the world population hurtles towards eight billion with increasing demands for basic services and growing desires for higher living standards, the need for more conscious stewardship of the vital resources required to achieve those services and desires has become both more obvious and urgent

Conditions of entry

The deadline for submitting an entry is May 10, 2013. Qualifying candidates interested in submitting an entry for the Nedbank SAWEF Scholarship for Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research should do so with the understanding that choosing appropriate recipients is a complex process. Besides the criteria explained below, there are other issues that impact the committee’s decision, including the number of applicants, the amount of funding available, the cost of each entry in running costs and travel & subsistence, and the length of time requested by each individual.

For a detailed description of how to enter download the Nedbank SAWEF Scholarship for Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research Call-for-Entries and follow the guidelines stipulated therein:

Nedbank SAWEF Scholarship for Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research – Call for EntriesNedbank SAWEF Scholarship for Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research – Entry Form